From Lynda about JACK

Jack 1
Thanks so much for your note !
I must say I think we’ve brought home the most brilliant puppy from the pack.
He knows his name (in large part to your team at Cantope, I’m sure)
He knows what door to run to when he needs to go out ‘to get busy’ and he’s vocal about it.   Otherwise he’s content to just take a look outside now and then.  I have 2 sets of double full glass doors so he has an easy view to the back garden, but again, he knows the one door that leads him to his important spot. And he goes to it on his own and in no uncertain terms tells me that he needs to go out.
The drive home he napped through.
He ate immediately upon arrival and then had lots of meandering around the yard and in the house.
He’s happy with his crate.  He has gone in it on his own and today he even tried to drag his tunnel into it.
Sleeping was very good.
First night was bed at 10 then wake for ‘busy time’ at 12:30, again at 3:30, and again at 6:30 am.
He’s such a joy!
We’re just thrilled to have him as a new member of the family.
Our first visit to the vet is Monday at 12:30.
Thanks again so much for your thoughtfulness.
Best regards
Lynda & Dave