Directions to Cantope via 404 from the West

10246 Old Shiloh Road

888-769-3574 or 705-228-1164

404 from the West

Take 404 North to the end - Woodbine Turn left from the 404 onto Woodbine to go north to the first set of lights – at Ravenshoe Rd Turn right to travel east on Ravenshoe Rd through the little hamlet of Ravenshoe continue east past the lights at Markham Road (Hwy 48) through the little hamlet of Brown Hill (watch your speed) Continue east on Ravenshoe to the Stop Sign at Udora  (22 km) There is a UPI gas station on the north/east corner opposite the Stop Sign Turn left to travel north on Victoria Road for 1.5 kilometers Victoria Road curves to the right, follow the road until it begins to straighten out Watch your speed through Udora Victoria Street sweeps in a wide curve to the right to head east.  On the curve you will pass a small sidestreet on the left called Cedartam.  The next street to the left is Old Shiloh Road. Old Shiloh Road is a left turn only Cantope Kennel is first driveway on right. Look for a Purple Poodle silhouette on post beside road. Or take 407 to the eastern end – Brock Rd (Also know as Durham Rd # 1) Take exit 399 to Brock Road from Pickering Brock Road # 1 also know as Durham Road # 1 And Main Street Uxbridge And Victoria St And York Region Road # 82 Drive north on Brock Road.    North of Pickering you will ‘cross’ ETR 407 Next set of lights is Hwy #7 at the small hamlet of Brougham Stay driving north on Brock Road You will pass the exit for Claremont, continue north on Brock Road (or Durham Road 1 as it is also known) There is a set of lights at the small hamlet of Copping Corners – stay on Brock Road heading north About one mile north of the lights at Copping Corners, the road curves and connects to Hwy #47 into Uxbridge. – Make a RIGHT at the YIELD sign to head towards Uxbridge Then eventually enter Uxbridge. Go through 5 sets of lights in Uxbridge.  The fifth set of lights is the “main drag” of Uxbridge.  Go straight through the lights and follow Toronto Street as it curves right and comes to a STOP SIGN.  You will be turning LEFT at the Stop Sign to go north on Main Street. Continue north – the next set of lights will be Davis Drive – continue north about 10 kms and then you will go through the small hamlet of Leaskdale. Continue north – the next small hamlet is Udora. As you leave Udora the road will take a 90 degree turn to the east (1.5 kms north of UPI Gas Station) Near the top of the curve (Do NOT turn left on Cedartam) Old Shiloh Road is a left turn only Cantope Kennel is first driveway on right. (Look for a Purple Poodle silhouette on post beside road.)   Takes about 45 minutes from the 401