Pet Sale Contract

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Cantope Standard Poodles – Pet Sale Contract

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10246 Old Shiloh Road
Pefferlaw ONTARIO
Canada L0E 1N0


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Phone: 705-228-1164
Fax: 705-437-1095



1.  This animal shall not be used for breeding.

2.  This animal is represented as a healthy, good quality animal, of proper general character and good temperament.

3.  This animal’s health is guaranteed for 72 hours in the case of communicable disease.  The seller further guarantees this dog to be free from any inherited disease which impairs long life, good health, and full function as a pet.  If such an inherited defect should occur, and be diagnosed in writing by a qualified veterinary specialist, and confirmed by our veterinarian, the seller agrees to replace this dog with a puppy of similar quality or refund the purchase price, upon return of the originally purchased dog.

4.   Unless this agreement is voided and replaced by another upon reconsideration of this dog’s eligibility for breeding, he/she shall be neutered/spayed by the age of one year.   The registration papers will be withheld until evidence is provided to the seller that the dog has been neutered/spayed.  When proof of spay/neuter is supplied, transfer of ownership and C.K.C. registration papers will be provided by Cantope Standard Poodles.

5.  If at any time ******************** can no longer care for this animal, he/she shall return the dog to CANTOPE STANDARD POODLES, 10246 Old Shiloh Road, Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada  L0E 1N0.  The breeder will re-home the dog. The purchase price, less breeder’s expenses, will be refunded.  Breeder expenses to include, but not be limited to, veterinary health check, boarding, food, advertising, and travel.  If the dog is given to a “breeder-approved” friend or family member, the contact information of the new owner shall be provided to Cantope Standard Poodles.  Any new owner shall be required to follow the terms of this agreement.

6.  This animal shall be maintained in an adequate enclosed area, or on leash, and not allowed to roam at will.

7.  This dog will be taken to, and trained in, at least one eight-week obedience course prior to the age of two.

Both seller (Cantope Standard Poodles) and buyer (*****************) agree to accept all legal consequences for violation of the above terms.