Felix Update

Hi Diane and Peter

On behalf of our beautiful boy Felix I wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes on his 3rd birthday (June 18,2014). I’ve attached a couple of photos which you are welcome to use on your website.

Height:                 29 1/2 “Weight 54lbs

Health:                 Extremely healthy, happy boy ; picky eater; allergic to beef and all bovine animals like elk and deer

Training:              1. Obedience training

  1. Therapy/Facility Dog training … Felix obtained his certification as a Therapy Dog at age 1 and has since been working in my dental clinic 3 days a week as a therapy dog to calm patients and support nervous patients through their dental treatment.
  2. Agility training/ the Fun League …. Recently started

Brags:    Felix is extremely intelligent and sets people at ease with his calm demeanor, goofy smile, and a hug. He has developed special relationships with everyone from the dog walker to the doggie daycare staff to the vet techs to patients in the practice and my staff. His regal demeanor has earned him abundant attention and he is no doubt the most photographed dog in Mississauga, often by strangers and passers-by.

Stories to share: When he’s not working and not wearing his work vest he’s an energetic boy who loves to play the chasing game and run loops around the yard or pick a toy and try to entice us into playtime with him. His favorite toy is a Coca Cola bear and of course numerous balls. His enemies are the pool cleaner and ducks, rabbits or crows who dare to encroach on his playground. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is frankly a joy to everyone who he interacts with. He is truly special and we love him dearly.

Thanks once again and enjoy your weekend

Sonia and Bohdan