Hello Diane and Peter,


Here is a very recent photo of Tina. (Just had a salon visit). This is in response to your Christmas postcard and I thought I would send this photo instead.  Tina is an unbelievably smart and loving dog. (And very pretty). She has completed and passed 3 obedience class levels (as well as myself passing!) as well as other refresher courses. Plus, she attends ‘teen socials’ offered by the school she has had her classes with. She is a fantastic retriever and loves playing ‘hide and seek fetch’.  Also, a great walking pal for me. Plus, she loves swimming at the cottage during the summer. She is very socialized and excepts all new experiences with interest. I could go on and on but I know you have heard all these accolades before about other perfect Cantope poodles. Please know that Stephen and I are so very happy with Tina – we couldn’t have asked for a better family member.

Thank you!