Bill 16

Not Too Late: Contact Liberal MPPs this Summer to Help Bill 16 Reach Final Reading

With the Ontario Legislature now closed for the summer, Bill 16 will more than likely remain in a holding pattern until the House resumes sitting September 10, 2012. Following the outcome of the May Committee Meeting, where all Liberal Party representatives elected not to support the six proposed amendments, there remains an urgent need to lobby Liberal support to avoid the defeat of Bill 16.

“The legislature may be closed, but we ask that the public and CKC members continue to further this cause during the summer break to help Bill 16 reach final reading,” says Sonny Allinson, CKC Marketing and Communications Manager. “Don’t wait,” advises Mr. Allinson, “send a message to your local MPP today.”

Support for Bill 16 has remained steadfast since MPP Randy Hillier first introduced the Bill in November 2011. From the dedicated supporters who attended the February 2012 rally, the legislative readings and committee meetings – to the almost 9,000 names attached to MPP Randy Hillier’s online petition in favour of Bill 16 and all those who speak out via social media – it is clear that we are all united in our efforts to abolish Breed Specific Legislation in support of Bill 16.

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To view details of the official CKC policies regarding breed specific legislation and responsible dog ownership, please click here.