Road Salt and Your Dog’s Paws

Its winter time in the city and that means salt, salt and more salt. Also, snow can form balls in between your dog’s toes.

The best product we have found to date to protect our puppy’s paws are Muttluks. They can be purchased at most dog stores.

A chart is provided to measure your dog’s foot size and corresponding boot size. They come in a package of 4.

When putting them on at home, have your dog lie down on his/her side. Put each boot on making sure their toes are at the end of the boot. Velcro snugly. After putting on all 4 boots have your dog stand up by using a treat. Put the leash on and get walking. Do not give your dog any time to smell, chew or try to get the boots off. Use a treat as a constant distraction but keep walking. If they are still distracted, pop the leash and keep walking forward in a happy and positive tone.

Within 1/2 an hour they will be walking pawsitively in their new boots.